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Stefan has 18 years of experience in industry. He acquired this at Intercable IT, ULMA GmbH and Intercable SK.
  • General Manager
  • Management development (Strategy)
  • Controlling (Development KPI’s)
  • Production
  • SQE- Suppliere Quality
  • Internal IATF Auditor
  • SCM- Dep Leader Automotive
  • Project Manager
  • Change Management

Tư vấn

Stefan là chuyên gia trong các lĩnh vực sau
  • Executive Coaching (Systemic Coaching)
  • Start Up Production Plants (1000 HC) (Greenfield/ Brown Field)
  • Scale Up international Units (organisational development)
  • Risk Advisory (opex)
  • Development of Company Vision- Mission- Strategy/ Roadmap
  • Development and implementation of management systems
  • Development and implementation of evaluation systems for companies and processes
  • Management development
  • Supplier management
  • Auditor since 2010 and audits according to the following standards or norms performed internally as well as externally: ISO 9001, IATF 16949 (ISO/TS 16949) VDA 6.2 and VDA 6.3