GR 461 - Mercedes-Benz - WEB 2020+ Initial Material Sampling

Mô tả

This training imparts the structure and procedure of the material-technical initial sampling in connection with the customer-specific requirement (CSR) for "production process and product release" PPF according to VDA 2.
The participants

  • ...know the structure and procedure of the initial material sample inspection (WEB)
  • ...know and understand the most important basic documents required for this purpose
  • ...can create required guides and templates themselves
  • ...know the requirements for documentation in the SQMS

Know the WEB 2020+ concept and the resulting requirements


  • Materials sampling in the product life cycle
  • Structure of the documents WEB V100, WEB V200 and WEB V300
  • WEB 2020+ and method classification


Raising awareness of the collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Cars.
Recognize that quality is the foundation of the Mercedes global brand.


  • Basics of initial material sampling and its sequence in the product life cycle
  • Goals of the training and the initial materials engineering sampling (WEB 2020)
  • Scope and application of WEB 2020 and exchange of information
  • Requirements from the component specifications
  • WEB-specific requirements for drawings or 3D data
  • Preparation of the sampling coordination meeting
  • Production Process and Product Approval Report (VDA2/PPAP) and requalification report
  • Requirements for WEB documentation in SQMS
  • Identification of relevant templates and guidelines (WEB V 2xx and WEB V 3xx)
  • Method classification according to A,B or C
  • Selection of suitable test laboratories and requirements for test reports
  • Structure of the material parts list

Prerequisites for participation


Target audience

All employees who are involved in the processes required by Mercedes-Benz.

Qualification Certificate

After passing the learning test, participants receive a qualification certificate. The learning test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions.


1 day


MBST 13 (specific requirements of Daimler AG from the Daimler DocMaster)
WEB V300 Part 1-6 (Guidelines for initial material sampling from the Daimler DocMaster)
VDA Volume 2 (Basics PPF process)

Important Advice

This training is offered by GERMAN AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS S DE RL DE CV.

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