What are the tasks, competencies and responsibilities of a Product Safety and Conformity Representative (PSCR)?

A Product Safety and Conformity Representative (PSCR), must know exactly how to ensure safety and conformity with legal and regulatory requirements for products.

To this end, a PSCR must have the right expertise and knowledge to meet the requirements and expectations related to the product.

The Product Safety and Conformity Representative (PSCR) training aims to train these individuals and provide the necessary qualification and understanding to develop enough competence to coordinate the various aspects of product integrity in the company and to establish and continuously maintain a functioning Product Safety and Conformity Management.

The legal requirements for product integrity in the respective countries and regions must be observed, as must the justified safety expectations of the general public.

In the case of products that stand out on the market as "unsafe" or whose conformity with legal requirements is questionable, those responsible are obliged to initiate the necessary measures.

In order to know and understand the diverse requirements, comprehensive information and qualification is necessary.
This is also the goal of the qualification: It is specifically oriented to the requirements in the daily work practice of the participants. In five modules, the central topics of product integrity are addressed and the competence as a Product Safety and Conformity Representative (PSCR) is developed.