ID 442 - FMEA - Basic Training Harmonized AIAG-VDA FMEA


ID 442: FMEA - Basic Training Harmonized AIAG-VDA FMEA

The basic training introduces you to the FMEA standard as published jointly by VDA QMC and AIAG in June 2019. It serves to prevent defects and increase technical safety. In the training, you will acquire background knowledge and essential competencies for future use.


By this training:
  • You will be familiar with the structure and objective of FMEA.
  • You will apply the 7 steps in a technically correct manner.
  • You will be familiar with challenges in the field and know how to respond to them.


  • Run-up: Online quiz to determine your level of knowledge.
  • Classroom training with explanation of 7 Steps with integrated individual tasks and group work:
  • Step 1: Planning
  • Step 2: Structure analysis
  • Step 3: Function analysis
  • Step 4: Failure analysis
  • Step 5: Risk analysis
  • Step 6: Optimization
  • Step 7: Documentation
  • Eight weeks after the attendance date: final webinar to exchange experiences and clarify open questions.

Prerequisites for participation


Qualification Certificate

After passing the knowledge test (multiple-choice test), you will receive a certificate of qualification.


2 days plus 90 min. webinar.


Please contact us to book 'FMEA - Basic Training Harmonized AIAG-VDA FMEA'.