QGate Monitor

Are you sure your project is still on track?
...throughout the whole supply chain?

The QGate Monitor tool takes over any provision of information as part of the maturity level assurance so that evaluations, justifications, appointments and much more can be transmitted effectively. The fact that maturity level hedges for customers' products can be linked directly to the associated maturity level hedges of their own suppliers greatly facilitates collaboration with customers and suppliers.

Through an overview of all ongoing projects one can quickly determine which products need a rating and where it could cause problems or an escalation is necessary.

To enable a clear presentation of the evaluations, the well-known maturity traffic light cascade is used, which makes it easy to see which assessments were made in which degree of maturity and which risks occur repeatedly despite the measures taken.


  • Product quality assurance (PQA) has ever since been a major aspect in the sector of producing goods to both meet customer satisfaction and e.g. safety regulations
  • By having much larger supply chains nowadays, the effort to met product quality goals has grown to a level that a is very difficult to deal with


  • QGate addresses this issue and makes the process of ensuring product quality goals are met much easier
  • This is done by e.g. supporting the process of advanced product quality planning (APQP) whereby QGate offers a digital interface to manage projects, it’s products in the stage of development and many other aspects that come along with PQA

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