Supplier Management

The complexity and globalization of the supply-chain is increasing and a real challenge.
You consider outsourcing this process step and are looking for an experienced and professional Partner?


The complexity and globalization of the supply-chain is increasing.

Strategic targets i.e., costs and long-term partnership become more and more important.

Accordingly, the task of monitoring and further developing suppliers is also gaining in importance and are crucial to the success of your company.

The tasks of supplier management are very complex. To assign this field completely or only partially to a partner must fit exactly to your organization, and this counts for the entire package you consider.
Anything else would a too high entrepreneurial risk for you.

Next to all potential risk, such a scenario can be also a great opportunitie for you.
  • You can use your personnel capacities more efficiently, e.g., to implement a structural change or to pursue your strategic goals with higher intensity.
  • To profit from your partner's experience and creating a positive impact on your product quality
  • To use your partner's global position in potential analysis or supplier development to your strategic advantage.

Let’s do an evaluation together which part of the Supplier Management process can be outsourced successfully based on your current situation / needs and expectations.

GAB content

  • Input your multidisciplinary team to make-or-by decision
  • Control of the confidentiality agreement with your suppliers
  • Control of the feasibility study of one of your potential suppliers
  • Passing on your customer specific requirements
  • Selection of the customer specific requirements of your client
  • Potential analysis of your new or already known supplier
  • Auditing of your suppliers in the phases of product development and production
  • Identification of a failure pattern throughout your supply chain
  • Monitoring of supplier key figures
  • Determination of supplier development measures and their compliance

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