Potential Analysis Supplier

The decision make or buy is often not easy. Nominating the right supplier is afterwards even more challenging.
Can the supplier meet your quality requirements?
What risk do you have to know if my organization must nominate the cheapest supplier?


An experienced partner can help you with these questions by identifying and assessing potential risks in the supply chain using methodical early detection.

You create a significant strategic advantage in your competitive environment.

Even the cost for the potential analyze can be carried by the potential supplier.

Knowing the risk, reducing it through preventive measures, increasing delivery quality without triggering costs?

How can this be implemented? Through a methodical approach to supplier selection before commissioning.

Through this, the participants are introduced in a structured way to the analysis process of preparation as well as synthesis/analysis of data to derive the factual decision for the selection of the best supplier.

GAB background:

We have outstanding specialists in this specialized knowledge. We have been representing our clients from the 1st to 3rd tier for 25 years and are commissioned by renowned German OEM's.
We have a worldwide network and can carry out the potential analyze in 12 countries in native language.

We take high importance to the training of our staffs, which gives us consistent results, guarantees the comparability of the results and ensures the focus on the essential content you need.


The potential analysis is mostly based on VDA 6.3 and is a suitable tool prior contracting of suppliers to identify potential risks. This methodology is often utilized in the supplier selection and sourcing process to identify prior contracting to evaluate the risks resulting out of new technologies, new facilities or new products.

Our service:
  • The recording of your customer-specific and other customer requirements
  • Taking over the initial or re-assessment in term of process quality of all your potential suppliers based on your CSR's
  • The preparation of a detailed report of the analysis of each supplier.
  • Maintain the results in your reporting systems
  • The preparation of a detailed quality rating according to standard criteria or by adopting the criteria of your organization


In case of strong deviations (not quality capability) of the supplier we specifically address the potential risks.

We create a quality plan with you and the potential supplier to reduce or eliminate the risks.

In special cases, we can also provide a Q project manager to implement the quality plan with your organization and the potential supplier.

In case of strong deviations (not quality capability) we check the effectiveness of the agreed measures (re-audit)

We, GAB work oriented on results. We are happy to agree KPI's with you over the entire scope.

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