Management Services

We are here to ease your pain. Outsource your individual management needs to our competent team.

From evaluation of supplier potential, internal audit, audit planning, audit management all the way to 8D evaluation and regress management, we are here for you.

Supplier Audit Management

Do you need your own resources to support your strategic business fields stronger? You need a support of your team for single supplier audits to assist in capacity or knowledge transfer?
You want to outsource the entire supplier audit Management?

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Supplier Management

The complexity and globalization of the supply-chain is increasing and a real challenge.
You consider outsourcing this process step and are looking for an experienced and professional Partner?

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8D Evalutation

You consider outsourcing this process step?
Do you often have to pass on complaints from your customer to your suppliers?
Is the handling of complaints often slow and with little follow-up?
Does the result getting into long waiting times for the problem solving or even repeated complaints?

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Potential Analysis Supplier

The decision make or buy is often not easy. Nominating the right supplier is afterwards even more challenging.
Can the supplier meet your quality requirements?
What risk do you have to know if my organization must nominate the cheapest supplier?

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Regress Management

Having claims and demanding them is not always easy.
On the other hand, unreasonable claims, made against your organization and you have the challenge to prove your innocence, a real challenge to…

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