Regress Management

Having claims and demanding them is not always easy.
On the other hand, unreasonable claims, made against your organization and you have the challenge to prove your innocence, a real challenge too…


Cost Recovery into the Supply chain

A crucial component of a technical - monetary organizational assessment is dealing with liability claims and their distribution of responsibility within the supply chain.

Our strategy for success in active and passive negotiation is your guarantee for an acceptable operating result in terms of an appropriate assumption of responsibility.

We have outstanding specialists in this specialized knowledge. We have been representing our clients from the 1st to 3rd tier for 25 years and are commissioned by renowned German OEM’s and insurances, sometimes involving sums that threaten the existence of the company.

Especially in such cases it is important to take the right steps at the right time and to know a reliable partner at your side.


We, GAB are specialist for cost equalization within the supply chain
  • Ensuring the contractually guaranteed entitlement through valid contract management
  • Sustainable assurance of an operational and strategic recourse control loop
  • Installation of an effective controlling instrument
  • Optimization of integrative organizational processes of warranty management
  • Avoidance of product recalls, serial damages and product liability cases...

Evaluation of recourse claims with the involvement of hand-picked specialists, experts and legal advisors for a well-founded increase in perceptible customer and supplier loyalty.

Support in negotiations up to the preparation of arbitration expertise in the event of a legal dispute. Company and employee development to increase competitiveness and sustainable know-how transfer.

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