Supplier Academy

Our Competences

  • Development and design of trainings
  • Worldwide administration of classroom training
  • Technical handling of blended-learning concepts with online trainings and own learning management system
  • Professional partner network for content and delivery of training
  • Many years of experience in trainer education and administration
  • Global billing system
  • Administration and organization of 'customer's owned trainings'
  • Current trainers are majorly on a high quality level

Our Offer


If you want to increase the competence of your suppliers...
  • ... we design and operate your global supplier academy.
  • ... we communicate your requirements to your suppliers.
  • ... we design the structure and the didactic concept for your specific learning content.
  • ... we integrate existing learning units.
  • ... we operate your supplier academy without any operating costs for you as a client.

Supplier Academy


Success for internationally operating companies is often based on good global supplier relationships. This component in companies is therefore gaining more and more strategic importance.

Understanding customer requirements and processes in coordination with supplier processes is therefore a daily task for the responsible supplier managers at the customers.

In this context, the teaching of basics in supplier management, often recurring workload, the respective contact person for suppliers at the customer.

Through a supplier academy for the basic qualification for suppliers as well as all innovations or special customer requirements in supplier management, this workload can be significantly reduced and thus the effectiveness in the daily work with suppliers can be increased.

This is exactly what we want to offer you...

Supplier Academy
GAB offer, on your Request

Designed Trainings based on your Processes:

Your welcome day for supplier
Your costumer specific requirements (QMS relevant)
If needed customer specific requirements of OEM’s
Your other customer specific requirements (product relevant)
Introduction of your Supplier interface and communication platform
Your special processes and their application into your processes

VDA licensed training content:

More than 40 VDA published trainings, such as VDA 6.3 process audit, VDA 2 production process and product approval (incl. software ppa), VDA 8D systematic problem solving, VDA/AIAG harmonized FMEA, VDA 4.2 product and process FMEA, VDA field failure analysis, VDA 5 and AIAG MSA, VDA 4 quality methods and tools as well SPC, TISAX,...

Training content through GAB competence

More than 40 developed trainings, education, selves study modules and blended learning approaches, such as ASPICE Assessments, Supply Chain Act, Environmental Management, Sustainability Management, Product Liability, Risk Assessment, Cost Recovering, FMEA and 8D Moderator, QM-Manager Modules,...

* We take over as well the concept and development of Trainings, Education according your request.

Business Model
Supplier Academy 'Overview'

  • Your specific training content is adapted to the supplier perspective and integrated into the training program of the Supplier Academy
  • GAB contributes further necessary training content from its own pool
  • GAB runs the Your Supplier Academy on dedicated servers in Europe, no technical connection of the participants to the Your Company’s IT infrastructure, thus no cyber risk
  • GAB handles the administrative and economic processes with the suppliers including invoicing
  • No training contract relationship between participants and your company
  • Your trainers used on request will be paid directly by GAB, according to daily rate to be agreed
  • On request self-conducted trainings of your company will be organized and invoiced by GAB and only the administration will be charged. (No surcharge GAB)
  • Extensive reporting regarding the use of GAB's Supplier Academy to your representatives
  • License fees to use your specific content on request

IT Structure

hexagons-h server

GAB server in Europe


GAB server in Europe


Supplier Academy
Next Steps

Set up a supplier academy in 4 steps:
Step 1: Identification of topics for supplier qualification
Step 2: Determine the mediation concept (online/presence/webinar)
Step 3: Creation of qualifications
Step 4: Announcement and roll out

Time required approx. 4-5 months

Workload Customer:
Provision of CI specifications and experts for the technical content of the qualification topics

There are no costs for setting up and operating the Supplier Academy*.
*GAB finances the Supplier Academy by selling the qualifications to the suppliers. The development of online training must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Global Presence

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