Audit Assistant

Industry sectors suitable for Audit Assistant

Our app is designed for industries who do Audits on regular bases. Every business which relies on Quality Management for their products is suitable for Audit Assistant! It is made to optimize quality planning, quality control and quality inspection. Furthermore it enables the inspector to not only plan the audit more effectively but also to perform and evaluate the audit itself with ease. Audit Assistant can be used in supplier chain audits, general security audits and all other fields which rely on rule based audits.


Planning Phase

Preparation is the most important thing in achieving your goal. In Audit assistant we were dedicated to make things as easy as possible. With risk definition, file management and a structured turtle view this tool aims to prepare for your audit in every detail. This Phase offers the unique opportunity to import functionality for state of the arts standards and create your own catalogs. To save time and effort you can import valuable items directly from the knowledge base.

Performing Phase

This is for you directly observing the clients audit. You use the checklist prepared in the planning phase and process them step by step. You will be easily guided through every question and even use the tool offline! Every step it is possible to add a new aspects and document your findings with photos and notes. Another feature is the multiple device support which allows you to make your audit on tablet or your smartphone.

Evaluation Phase

In the end Audit assistant helps you to get the job done! Audit assistant automatically processes all the information, evaluates them and send you a report which you can send to your client. Every question can be rated and help you to make your next audit even easier. Audit Assistant allows in this phase a dynamic action management for collaboration between different actors just to make your work as efficient as possible.

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