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Start-ups are often focused only on the product and the realization. That's hard enough.
As the company grows, quality challenges will be inevitable.
Now you need a good partner who will build the necessary processes and quality roles as your company grows and the product scales.
A start-up cannot meet all the requirements of the automotive industry in the early days, the effort would be too high.
A helping hand that proposes and implements targeted measures is more in demand than ever.
The minimum is to know and evaluate the quality risks of their entrepreneur and their product resulting from all requirements.

Each owner of GAB GmbH has 25 years of experience in leading positions on the quality management field. We know what needs to be done now and how it can be done.
We have a heart for new starters and would like to support you specifically, just as it fit’s for you.

In doing so, we can imagine all conceivable constellations.

From consulting, coaching to taking over partial functions in your Organization or at to steer your Suppliers, everything is conceivable.

Talk to us and we will plan together how we can best support you.

We also offer you this flexibility in the billing of our services. The scop can be from billing by 'hours', according 'performance' to company participation.

Even a financial support is conceivable.

To make it more concrete for you, we have described a possible support for your company in more detail:

... the function of the quality management representative QMB.

Especially for start-up companies it is often more practicable and cheaper to have the maintenance and further development of their own quality management system done by an external QMB or top management representative (BdoL).

We provide you with the right external QMB, who monitors the conformity of your QM system to standards with up-to-date specialist knowledge, implements the necessary measures in a practice-oriented manner and ensures that you retain your ISO certificate.

Of course, we know how important the human component is for successful cooperation, especially in smaller teams, and we also pay attention to the personal suitability of your quality management representative.

For you, an external QMB means a great relief, the saving of expensive and time-consuming QMB trainings for your own employees and the good feeling that your QM system is in professional hands.

Let's talk m