8D Evaluation

You consider outsourcing this process step?
Do you often have to pass on complaints from your customer to your suppliers?
Is the handling of complaints often slow and with little follow-up?
Does the result getting into long waiting times for the problem solving or even repeated complaints?


An experienced partner can help you with these questions from monitoring the timeline, evaluate systematic processing of the 8D reports for you or identifying and assessing potential improvements in your supply chain.

You create a significant strategic advantage in your competitive environment.

GAB approach

We are specialist in methodical approaches for effective problem solving.
The VDA 8D approach is a modern structured problem solving of product/process issues in the daily business.

The 8D report describe a problem-solving approach in 8 steps, using problem-solving methods such as 5-Why and/or Ishikawa-diagram.

Rating the results of those finished reports is a professional and efficient method to steer your suppliers to improve their problem-solving skills and giving you the necessary results back in time.

GAB background:

We have outstanding specialists in this specialized knowledge. We have been representing our clients from the 1st to 3rd tier for 25 years and are commissioned by renowned German OEM's.
Education and training of our staffs is for us the key to success. This guaranty us that we reach your satisfaction as well as that the results of all our employee are comparable.


From problem detection - setting the complaint in your organization - we set-up a firewall for you.
  • We monitor whether the supplier complies with your time requirements
  • Checking if the systematic processing of the 8D reports is respected
  • Checking if the content of the defect has been done correctly and comprehensively. (Data collection to define the problem)
  • Evaluate the methodical and content-related processing of the defect root cause analysis...
    the focus here is not only in to ensure that the technical reason of the problem is well understood...
    we also ensure that the reason for non-detection (Double 5 Why and Ishikawa) is investigation accordingly
  • Evaluate the overall result of the 8D report according to your criteria or adopt our recommendations.
  • Report the results regularly to your organization
  • Analyze the overall result of all suppliers through a defect pattern analysis.

The result of this systematic approach will be significant improvement.

  • The problem-solving capabilities of your supplier will be improved
  • Your supplier's compliance with problem resolution timelines will improve, thereby your overall effort/costs will be reduced
  • Your supplier's “systemic non-detection analysis” will provide deeper input into his Lessons learned and will improve his quality management system
  • The customer satisfaction of your client will improve

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