471 - VDA 5 - Test Process Suitability

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Controlled and capable manufacturing processes and suitable test processes are the prerequisites for economical manufacture of high-quality products. Incorrectly selected test equipment or insufficient test processes can lead to the wrong decision.

VDA volume 5 Test Process Suitability (2011 edition) is the first document to show how the many requirements in the international standards and company guidelines can be met; for example, the correct selection of test equipment, internal determination of calibration uncertainties, comprehensive and complete approval of test equipment, practice-oriented determination of measurement uncertainty for assuring that no products with errors reach the customer, as well as the continual monitoring of test processes. The procedures for determining test equipment capability proven in practice are also included.



Objectiove of this course is to enable the participants to apply all the characteristics mentioned, and to identify and calculate the factors influencing test process suitability; constructors get to know the consequences of their tolerance specifications.


  • Terms and definition
  • Relation between test process suitability and process capability
  • Development and requirements of the standards, company guidelines
  • Basics of test equipment capability tests, fields of application and limitations, differences to MSA-AIAG
  • Selection and new criteria for purchasing measurement and test equipment
  • Overview of determination of measurement uncertainty according to DIN V EN V 13005 (GUM)
  • Decision rules for approval / rejection according to DIN EN ISO 14253 T1
  • Content of and procedure for VDA volume 5 test process suitability
  • Evidence of measurement system and measurement process suitability
  • Consideration of extended measurement uncertainty near the specification limits
  • Evidence of suitability in testing attribute characteristics
  • Validation of measurement software
  • Practical exercises with practical measurements

Prerequisites for participation

Knowledge of test equipment capability and/or measurement system analysis procedures.

Target audience

Personnel responsible for planning, selection, purchasing, acceptance and monitoring, as well as calibration of measurement and test equipment or machines and facilities, personnel from organisations that manufacture test equipment, or personnel concerned with product design and definition of tolerances.


2 days


VDA volume 5


There are currently no dates planned. Please contact us if you have an inquiry.