GR 601 - Process Audit VDA 6.3 - Audit Service


GR 601: Process Audit VDA 6.3

For many years, GAB has been supporting renowned Tier 1 automotive suppliers worldwide, as well as logistics companies, and their suppliers in the optimization of internal and external processes according to VDA 6.3.
We do not only count out deviations. We are focused on findings to develop the QMS System of the auditee organization. Furthermore, if the audit is done internally, we bring approach for improvements.

GAB has a worldwide auditor network that is ready to work immediately. Our team consists of log experience and are trained ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and VDA 6.3 system and process auditors.

Our projects range from Europe, to USA, Mexico to Asia. We are represented in Poland, Hungary, Rumania, China, India, … and have excellent trained local speaking auditors.

This audit can be performed as an internal audit in your company, or at your suppliers.

Increase the quality level of processes!
We check processes, sub-processes and company divisions for their susceptibility to faults and efficiency using standardized process audits. The results of these examinations serve you as an evaluation basis for future decisions within the framework of your quality management and help you to identify optimization and cost saving potentials. In addition to one-off process audits for the prevention and correction of process deficits, we also offer continuous improvement process measures according to a defined audit plan.

VDA 6.3 – Process Audit
The process audit according to VDA 6.3 was introduced by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. This third part of the "Quality Standard of the German Automotive Industry (VDA 6)" defines how a process audit should be carried out for the creation process of products and services, series production and service provision.

However, you can also implement an audit according to VDA 6.3 if your company belongs to a different industry.

The auditor!
The audit according to VDA 6.3 must be carried out by a process auditor with appropriate professional experience and qualification in quality management (IATF 16949, ISO 9000 ff).

If your company does not have the appropriate process auditors internally, we will be happy to provide you with our experienced auditors. Get external help to save your personnel resources or to compensate for personnel bottlenecks! As external auditors, we can perform the process audit on your behalf or form a high-performance auditing team together with your company's own process auditors.

Process audit VDA 6.3 for internal process optimization!
However, process audits are also established by companies on their own responsibility in order to check quality levels within certain process flows. They can uncover weak points in company processes and reveal potential for optimization. In this way, you not only meet all customer requirements, but can also save costs and increase your product quality.



Audit program
At the beginning of the project, the audit program is derived from the audit requirements. Together we define the time frame and determine the focus and scope of the audit. We also record in the audit program which auditors will be used.

As soon as all process documents and the completed audit assignment are available, the preparations for the process audit can be made. First, we form a team of qualified auditors and process experts. Then we gather all the necessary information such as process flow charts, process descriptions, standards and quality control charts. The division and decomposition of the individual processes into sub-steps helps us to identify process risks. Consequently, audit priorities should be set at these risky process points. Based on the preparatory measures, the audit plan, the questionnaire are now formulated.

Presentation of the results
All results are now compiled and presented to you in a final meeting. If necessary, we will explain individual points in more detail. The audit report then summarizes all the general conditions and results of the audit. The evaluation results of the audit provide information on any need for action.

After the audit result has been discussed, the auditees are left to their own devices.

How should the root cause analysis be performed?
Which measures are effective in the long term?

GAB offers a review service of the findings. Here, the performed root cause analyses are discussed and critically questioned.

When we are sure that the problem has been understood correctly, we confirm the proposed appropriate corrective and preventive action.

In the review appointments will deliver you a significantly increase impact of the audit performance.
Only a few QMS specialists and auditors are able to offer you this service!


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