GR 451 - Mercedes-Benz – SM MBC Supplier Management @ Mercedes-Benz Cars - brief & compact (SMMBCB&C)


In this training you will learn, in a compact and focused training, the requirements of Mercedes-Benz when nominating new partners.


Projects, Quality, Logistics, Procurement, Engineering, Post-Sales, IT´s related with Merecedes-Benz.


Know the processes established by Mercedes-Benz to interact as a supplier.


The following contents are taught:

  • Presentation of the roles and functions of the Mercedes-Benz purchasing organization
  • Overview of the nomination process
  • Contract management at Mercedes-Benz
  • Compliance and integrity
  • Purchasing conditions and the associated processes
  • Component load book (KLH)
  • Mercedes-Benz Special Terms (MBST)
  • IT systems in Mercedes-Benz Cars Purchasing
  • Overview of supplier management methods
  • Q-H:ELP - Escalation

Prerequisites for participation


Target audience

All employees who are involved in the processes required by Mercedes-Benz.

Qualification Certificate

After passing the learning test, participants receive a qualification certificate. The learning test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions.


1 Day

Important Advice

This training is offered by GERMAN AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS S DE RL DE CV at Mercedes-Benz Supplier Academy located in 

Boulevard San Marcos 203 Cital City, 4th Floor, 20218 Aguascalientes, Ags. México.



Please contact us to book 'Mercedes-Benz – SM MBC Supplier Management @ Mercedes-Benz Cars - brief & compact (SMMBCB&C)'.