GR 603 - Field Failure Analysis Audit - Audit Service


GR 603: Field Failure Analysis Audit

The audit for the failure analyzes is an independent audit standard based on specific requirements of the VDA Field Failure Analyzes process.

Only auditors with the relevant expertise can apply this process audit directly based on VDA Volume 6.3.

GAB has a worldwide auditor network that is ready to work immediately. Our team consists of long experience and are trained field failure analyzes.
Ground structure for this special know-how is always also ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and VDA 6.3 system and process auditors as well the CSR customer Specific Requirements.

Our projects range from Europe, to USA, Mexico to Asia. We are represented in Poland, Hungary, Rumania, China, India, … and have excellent trained local speaking auditors.

This audit can be performed as an internal audit in your company, or at your suppliers.



The quality level has improved over the last decade, despite grater complexity, shorter development cycles ad a wide range of models.

Despite increased efforts in the development and production processes to provide mature, robust, problem-free products, deviations from the expected performance occur when the vehicle is in use. Depending on complaint, the potential field failure or vehicle components are replaced and can be requested for the purpose of analysis.

The field failure analyzes of rejected parts (field failure) plays a fundamental and multifaced role I this area of conflict between quality and costs.

In 7 categories, ranging from the organization to the problem-solving process, the field failure analyzes questionnaire covers the content of the VDA “Field Failure Analyzes” and will be questioned during the audit.

The auditor!
The audit according to Field Failure Analyzes must be carried out by a auditor with appropriate professional experience, qualification in quality management, funded experience at “Field Failure Analyzes” and Customer Specific Requirements.

If your company does not have the appropriate Field Failure Analyzes auditors internally, we will be happy to provide you with our experienced auditors. Get external help to save your personnel resources or to compensate for personnel bottlenecks!
As external auditors, we can perform the Field Failure Analyzes audit on your behalf or form a high-performance auditing team together with your company's own auditors.


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