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GR 602: System- or process orientated Audit (ISO 14001)

Participation in the environmental audit process according to EMAS or ISO 14001-2015 incurs considerable costs for companies.

However, the market shows that only companies that act sustainably can demonstrate long-term success.
The consistent integration of environmental protection into their quality management system has a cost-cutting effect by improving their processes in planning and procurement and reducing disposal costs.

The audit is related to this content one important step to prevent legal risks e.g. environmental liability law, claims for damages.

According to DIN EN ISO 14001-2015, internal audits must be carried out annually. These are to be understood as a qualification measure for employees and serve the development of environmental goals.

Following the audit, weaknesses are identified and corrective measures are defined. The results and conclusions of this process are to be recorded in writing. In detail, the internal audits consist of a system audit, a walk-through of workplaces or the department, and a functional audit.

GAB has a worldwide auditor network that is ready to work immediately. Our team consists of log experience and are trained ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and VDA 6.3 system and process auditors.

Our projects range from Europe, to USA, Mexico to Asia. We are represented in Poland, Hungary, Rumania, China, India, ... and have excellent trained local speaking auditors.

This audit can be performed as an internal audit in your company, or at your suppliers.


  • The environmental management system is to be compared with regard to its implementation status and with the environmental policy, the environmental program and the requirements of occupational health and safety. DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 serves as the basis for the system audit, while the specifications from DIN ISO 45001 can be used for occupational health and safety.
  • The on-site inspection gives the auditor an impression of the workplaces and the departments. In the process, he checks the current status, identifies potential for improvement in the processes as well as deficiencies in the implementation of environmental measures, and ensures compliance with the obligations.


Main topics

Basics of environmental law
Environmental impact assessment
Environmental management systems
- Structure and definition
- Annexes of the regulation, elements to be considered
and good management practices
Analysis: the environmental assessment
Planning steps: environmental policy, objectives and measures
- organizational structure
- process control
- communication
- documentation

Basics of auditing
Norms and standards for auditing
The audit process

The audit process:
Planning, preparation and execution of audits
Final discussion
Corrective actions
Documentation & risk status


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