GR 465 - Mercedes-Benz - ctime Change Management Training


In this training, we will guide you through Mercedes-Benz change management.
Change management is not only a frequent source of errors in the development phase and according to SOP, but also time-consuming.
Agile change management was developed to meet the quality requirements and efficiency approach of Mercedes-Benz.
The way ctime works was modeled on the navigation system. The goal is to get from A to B as quickly as possible without errors.
To ensure that these collaborative processes run smoothly, you need to understand Mercedes-Benz systems and processes and how they work.


The training is divided into two parts.
In the first part, the basic structure and process of the change management ctime in connection with the Mercedes-Benz development systems NCM, AEMA and ACM is taught.

The second part goes deeper into the change management process and focuses on the workflow in ctime.

In the workflow, the most important information from the support messages, related to the most common problems, is presented and processed in an understandable way.


  • ...know how to apply for system access
  • ...know the functionalities of ctime
  • ...know the overall process ctime and get a detailed overview and insight into the sub-processes
  • ...can correctly interpret and process ECs reported by Daimler
  • ...know how the process flow works and can also classify it in relation to the timeline
  • ...can administer the system ctime
  • ...know the different basic functions in ctime


Understand Mercedes-Benz change management processes, applications and workflow.


-- Change management history

  • Agile Change Management (ACM) Resolution 2008
  • ACM Process Schedule
  • ACM process development sources New Change Management (NCM) and ACM.
  • Overall process ACM
  • PMC connection
  • ACM- NCM development view
  • ACM - NCM Purchasing View
  • Proma control
  • Engineering Change (EC)
  • PMC ctime - modular design
  • Hotlines

Prerequisites for participation


Target audience

All employees involved in the processes required by Mercedes-Benz.

Qualification Certificate

After passing the learning test, participants receive a qualification certificate. The learning test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions.


1 day

Important Advice

All employees involved in the processes required by Mercedes-Benz


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