GR 302 - Super Seed - Core Tools Compact


GR 302: Super Seed - Core Tools Compact

This course provides decision-makers, who need information, and employees, who are interested in further or different tasks in their professional field, with an opportunity to get to know the essential issues and fields of application, as well as customer requirements.

Methods and approach models are presented, discussed and explained using practical examples. Exercises create practical relevance for the participants and prepare them for applying the tools in practice in their present or future field of activity. The final test enables the participants to assess their qualification status after the course.



  • Maturity level assessment for new parts – basics
  • Production process and product approval according to VDA 2
  • Overview of FMEA, SPC, MSA, VDA 5 and control plan
  • Illustration and explanation of the application in practice

Prerequisites for participation


Target audience

Responsible project managers and all members of project teams, employees aspiring to qualification for the future.

Qualification Certificate

After passing the test, you will receive a certificate of qualification.


2 days


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