CQI 23 - Evaluation of the molding system


This International Standard guides auditing molding special processes for improving or keeping good product quality.


CQI-23 Special Process Evaluation of the molding system


  • Understand the essential requirements of the CQI-23 and identify possible ways of compliance (evidence)
  • Identify and apply audit techniques, including the qualitative and quantitative sampling necessary for the generation of reliable and realistic diagnoses.
  • Improve the structuring and description of the deficiencies and non-conformities detected.
  • Align the qualification of internal auditors to the competency level of the best CQI-23 auditors.


1. Introduction.
2. Fundamentals.
3. Related requirements.
4. Changes in the 2nd edition.
5. Profile of the evaluators.
6. Evaluation process.
7. Cover.
8. Section 1. Responsibility for Quality Management and Planning.
9. Section 2. Responsibility in the management of the floor and materials.
10. Section 3. Work Audit.
11. Process Table A: Injection molding.
12. Process Table B: Blow molding.
13. Process Table C: Vacuum molding.
14. Process Table D: Compression molding.
15. Process Table E: Transfer molding.
16. Process Table F: Extrusion.
17. Process Table G: Equipment.
18. Process Table H: Inspection of parts and tests.

Prerequisites for participation

Basic molding knowledge and or experience.

Target audience

Manufacturing and quality engineers, internal auditors of special processes, supervisors of molding processes, technicians and quality inspectors of molding processes and any person involved in the implementation, maintenance and/or compliance of molding processes.

Qualification Certificate

After passing the test at the end of the training, the participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


2 days (4 hours per day)


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