APQP and Control Plan have evolved in response to industry changes — particularly in relation to technological advancements and vehicle complexity — with updates addressing increasing demands imposed by higher automation, autonomous driving, electrification, and the expanding definition of mobility.

Decoupling the two documents also emphasizes the importance of control plans in product development and will facilitate more timely updates as systems evolve.

Focusing on the "why" behind the "what" and "when," the APQP 3rd edition manual addresses how to improve successful new product launches, with updates to reflect agile product management, and new sections on sourcing, change management, APQP program metrics, risk assessment mitigation plans, and gated management.

Along with the removal of Control Plan content - now a standalone document - further revisions include new information on "part traceability," various checklists, and examples of several common analytical techniques used during the APQP process to help enhance your understanding.