GR 452 - Mercedes-Benz - Supplier Management at MBC up to the Start of Series Production (SMMBCUSSP)


In this training, you will gain the necessary knowledge of the relevant Mercedes-Benz customer-specific requirements and the associated processes and IT-Systems. The focus of this training is on the activities prior to the start of series production.


Mercedes-Benz, Projects, Quality, Logistics, Purchasing, Engineering, Information Technology, Information Technology


Know and practice the processes defined by Mercedes-Benz and the suppliers.


  • Mercedes-Benz Development System (MDS)
  • Applicable requirements, additional approvals for special components.
  • Process Specification Sheet (PLH)
  • Connect
  • FMEA according to MBST 27
  • Types of audits
  • Mercedes-Benz Supplier portal.
  • MBST 13 Compliant PPA
  • IAP Basics
  • performance test
  • Initial sampling of materials and WEB 2020+
  • Management of part maturity and start
  • Q-H:ELP escalation process

Prerequisites for participation


Target audience

All employees involved in processes required by Mercedes-Benz.

Qualification Certificate

After passing the learning test at the end of the training, participants receive a qualification certificate.
The learning test consists of 20 multiple choice questions.


2 Days


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