316 - VDA 6.3 - Process Auditor for Services

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With reference to the process approach and respective customer requirements, this three-day training teaches you the basics for VDA 6.3 process auditors for services. This includes general requirements, methods, principles, risk analysis and the assessment scheme.

We want to enable you to use the process audit to identify risks along the value added chain and the respective potential.



  • Connections to other requirements from ISO 9001 and VDA 6.2, as well as IATF 16949 etc..
  • VDA 6.3 chapter overview
  • Introduction to the process approach for risk analysis according to the Turtle model
  • Audit process from the audit programme to completion of the audit
  • Planning and conducting a process audit
  • Process audit assessment scheme
  • Communication, ethics and code of conduct for process auditors
  • Process element D2 – project management
  • Process element D3 – planning service development
  • Process element D4 – realisation of service development
  • Process element D5 – supplier management
  • Process element D6 – provision of service
  • Process element D7 – customer satisfaction / customer service
  • Attribution and assessment of audit findings

These training steps lead you through the process audit requirements and enable you to apply them in the provision of services in the automotive industry.

Prerequisites for participation

Well-founded QM knowledge; industrial experience preferably in organisations that provide services in automotive industry.

Qualification Certificate

After passing the knowledge test you will receive a VDA certificate of qualification.


3 days


VDA Volume 6.3


There are currently no dates planned. Please contact us if you have an inquiry.