205 - IATF 16949 - Practice Tips for Clause 7.1.5 Monitoring and Measuring Ressources

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In audits, this element is a particularly frequent source of complaint in major and minor nonconformities.



Objective is to enable the concerned personnel and auditors to rapidly acquire the main content, requirements and fields of application in a concentrated form.


  • Terms and definitions, development and requirements of the standards
  • Development of capability analyses and measurement uncertainty
  • Variable test characteristics: test equipment capability in Germany vs. MSA measurement system analysis (USA) and capability of measurement processes and measurement uncertainty according to VDA volume 5 with exchange of experiences and group work
  • Methods for attribute test characteristics: test of hypotheses (Kappa), detection theory, TSO, performance curve, short method, Bowker test
  • Selection and use of test equipment with group work
  • Metrology basics, test equipment and aids, requirements, influence quantities, statutory measuring and calibration system, SI units system, hierarchy of normals, accreditation bodies
  • Calibration – internal or external with evidence of traceability to international / national normals, elements of traceability, factory standards, accredited calibration certificates, MPE, margins for error, exchange of experiences / group work
  • Handling test equipment (classification, registration, identification, monitoring use, calibration, service and maintenance, scrapping)
  • Structure of inspection instructions
  • Determination of qualification intervals, examples of dynamisation
  • Test equipment monitoring software validation

Prerequisites for participation

Basic knowledge of statistics would be helpful.

Target audience

Auditors and employees who want to be up to the mark for element 7.1.5, who are tasked with planning, selection, purchasing, inspection and monitoring as well as with calibration of measuring and inspection equipment, also employees from organisations manufacturing measuring equipment and appliances.


2 days

Important Advice

The main topics from three courses (test equipment monitoring with calibration and traceability, test equipment capability, measuring system analysis, test process suitability VDA volume 5) are presented in only two days.


There are currently no dates planned. Please contact us if you have an inquiry.