121 - Qualification for VDA QM Representative – One-Week Training

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This offer is specifically for people who want to qualify for QM representative within the shortest possible time. In our selected hotels, the participants can concentrate on the subject in peace over six consecutive days and take the respective exam.


*Module I: Quality Management Basics*
History of quality management and introduction to the basics
Process organisation and management
Structure and content of the ISO and VDA standards
Introduction to and further development of a management system
Internal audits
Audit process and content of ISO 19011
Documentation of a management system
Quality reports
Legal aspects of the QM system

*Module II: Automotive-Specific Processes, Methods and Tools*
Elementary tools in quality management (7 Tools)
Management tools
Application fields for quality-related costs
Product creation – overview of maturity level assurance for new parts
Overview of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) method
Significance and objective of the method Design of Experiments (DoE)
Application of FMEA’s
Application field and significance of Failure Tree Analysis (FTA) • Overview TRIZ – creative problem solving
Automotive SPICE® background
Basic functional principle and benefit of Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
Overview and central content of production process and product approval according to VDA 2
Overview of the method “robust production process”
8D report as a standardised complaints process
Overview and main steps of the method field failure analysis


In module I, you will learn about the structure and further development of management systems in the automotive sector, considering customer-specific requirements. You will learn to optimise the QM system and the continuous workflows in your company in order to contribute to quality-oriented corporate change.


*Module I: Quality Management Basics*
Automotive industry requirements are rising continuously. Customer requirements are becoming more and more specific due to increasing product complexity. In addition to excellent quality, the conformance to continuously changing customer needs is an important prerequisite to be able to hold one’s own on the market. Customer-specific processes are important prerequisites for this.

*Module II: Automotive-Specific Processes, Methods and Tool*
After having acquired the fundamentals of quality management in the course “Quality Management Basics”, this course will deal with the customer-specific orientation of the QM system as well as the selection and application of quality- and automotive-specific methods and tools.

*Exam day for VDA QM Representative*
The exam for qualification as VDA QM representative is divided into two parts: a written exam and an oral exam. After passing the written and oral tests, you will receive a VDA certificate, a VDA QM representative card and VDA QMC database entry. For the card, we need a digital passport photograph in JPEG format in advance.

Prerequisites for participation

Technical and/or managerial training, experience in the automotive industry.

Target audience

Automotive industry specialists and executives in quality management who would like to assess the internal QM system or that of suppliers (1st/2nd party audits); project leaders and staff members involved in improvement projects, as well as all experts who want to further develop their sphere of influence and/or of their suppliers by implementing automotive standards and systematic methods.


6 days


VDA QMC standards collection DIN EN ISO 9000, 9001, 9004 and 19011


There are currently no dates planned. Please contact us if you have an inquiry.